Our Process

Our process is simple:

  1. Submit your info, and we will reach out promptly. Also, feel free to call us at any time during normal business hours to setup a consultation.
  2. Once we collect your contact information, we will have someone from our office reach out to get a brief description of your project in order to pair you with the correct design consultant.  
  3. Once we collect all the details of our project, we will converse back and forth via calls, text and email, until we get everything exactly the way you pictured it.
  4. Once you approve your final design, we will collect your deposit, and put you on the list. Deposits are as follows (unless otherwise specified by your lender).
    Standard Liner Pools:
    $1000 deposit to secure your spot on the build list. No other fees or “percentages” due until the pool is 100% complete.
    Custom Gunite and Liner Pools:
    5% of the total build price due up front to secure your spot on the build list.
    30% due on dig day.
    65% due at completion of your pool.
  5. We will keep you informed on where you are on the build list, and your projected start date.
  6. Once we begin construction, we will stay on task from start to finish, and complete your project in a timely manner.
  7. Upon completion: while our goal is to create your very own Backyard Vacation, it is equally important for us to educate you on how to properly care for your new pool. Our team will walk you through an in depth Pool School, and ensure that you are completely comfortable with every inch of your new pool.